The Patrol Method...
The patrol method is one of the basic “Methods of Scouting”. The boys are grouped together into patrols comprised of roughly 6 to 8 boys that work together as a team. The boys select a name for their patrol and elect a patrol leader and an assistant patrol leader.

Boy Scout Troop 460 is currently comprised of four (4) “Regular” patrols, one (1) “New Scout” patrol, and the Troop also maintains a “Venture” patrol.

Patrol leaders report to the Troop’s Senior Patrol Leader who is elected by all the members of the Troop in a general election that is held once a year. There are a number of Troop leadership positions the boys may hold.

Regular Patrols
“Regular” patrols are comprised of boys that are 12 years old or older and have been in Scouting a year or more. The older boys serve as leaders and mentors for the younger boys in the patrol. “Regular” patrols work and camp as a team. The boys in the patrol decide on the name of their patrol elect their Patrol Leader who then appoints an assistant and assigns individual patrol jobs. Troop 460 has four regular patrols, they are named the Wolvadragoncobra Patrol (which is our “Senior Boys Patrol”), the Flaming Buffalo Patrol, the Buck Patrol, and the Star Wolf Patrol.

New Scout Patrol
“New Scout” Patrols and is comprised of 11 year old boys that have just begun Boy Scouts. With the advice and consent of the assistant Scoutmaster assigned to work with the New-Scout Patrol, an older, experienced Scout is appointed by the Scoutmaster to serve as “Troop Guide” for the New-Scout Patrol. The Troop Guide must be at least First Class in rank and acts both as a leader and mentor, this experienced Scout helps the new Scouts through the early challenges of troop membership. He provides direction, coaching, and support. The new scout patrol serves to introduce the patrol method to new scouts and help them get accustom to the organization and methods of Scouting. They function together as a patrol during their first year in the troop, working toward the goal of completing the requirements for First Class. During troop meetings, new Scouts have separate instruction sessions and patrol meetings. Once the boys have completed their first year of scouting they leave the new scout patrol and join a regular patrol. Troop 460 has one “New Scout” patrol”, it is named the Spartan Patrol.

Venture Patrol
The “Venture” patrol is comprised of older more experienced scouts interested in participating in more advanced, higher adventure activities. It is a unique patrol because all of the boys in the Venture patrol are also members of “Regular” patrols. An Assistant Scoutmaster is assigned to oversee the “Venture” patrol and is responsible for their activities. The patrol meets once every three month to plan high adventure activities and to receive specialized training pertaining to those activities. For each activity the “Venture” patrol participates in they elect a boy to serve as the patrol leader for the duration of that activity. To be a member of the “Venture” patrol is a privilege and an honor as only those boys who exemplify the best qualities of scouting, demonstrate strong outdoor/survival skills and contribute positively to the troop are invited to become members. To be eligible for the Troop 460 “Venture” patrol a scout must have achieved the rank of Star Class or higher, be at least 13 years old, and be endorsed by the Scoutmaster. Boys that are members of the Venture Patrol wear the “Venture strip” over the right pocket of their standard Boy Scout uniform.

Note: The Venture patrol should not be confused with Venturing. Venturing is a separate program for young men and women ages fourteen through twenty-one. Young men and women that are in Venturing are members of a “Venture Crew” and not a Boy Scout Troop. Venture Patrols, however, are established within a Boy Scout Troop as an optional program for boys thirteen through seventeen years old. Venture Patrol members are Boy Scouts and should not be referred to as Venture Scouts. Venture patrols experience more autonomy from the troop than ordinary patrols, and provide older Scouts with expanded social contact and physical challenges. In Troop 460, Venture Patrol members are expected to actively participate in regular Troop functions and be involved in helping younger scouts to learn and advance as a condition of being a member of the Venture Patrol.