SPL Corner

Here are some great resources to help the SPL plan our monthly troop meetings and skills instruction. Remember to build the monthly plan around the current themes…here is a list of the monthly themes from the 2013 Annual Plan:

Troop Meeting Plan: To be used by the SPL or ASPL to prepare for All Troop Meetings

  • January:Winter Camping
  • February:First Aid
  • March:Dutch Ovens
  • April:Outdoor Cooking
  • May:Outdoor Cooking
  • June:Fire Safety
  • July:Canoeing
  • August:Knots
  • September:Lashings
  • October:Map and Compass
  • November:Hiking
  • December:Sharp and Pointy Things

Troop Resources Manual – Volume 1

Troop Resources Manual – Volume 2

Troop Resources Manual – Volume 3

How to run a good Troop Meeting

SPL Job Description (coming soon)