Spring Expo 2013

Scoutmaster Jeff reports many fun things to do at Spring Expo at Trollhaugen in May. There will be Zipline, Night hike or Scavenger Hunt, Patrol based obstacle course, Are You Tougher than a Tenderfoot timed activity, Skits, Camp Fire and Awards, Patches for attending, OA Trading Blanket (bring stuff to trade) and a fun Social Atmosphere with Scouts from other Troops.

This Friday, April 26th, is the last day to sign up if you want to attend this event.  You will need to email Scoutmaster Jeff if you are already not signed up in the activities book. Only Scouts will be able to do the Zipline and Activities and the Scouters will be helping to run things and supervise the Scouts.

Cost is $37.50 to attend Spring Expo 2013.

You will need to fill out the following two forms, BSA Waiver and the Trollhaugen Zipline Adventures Release Form and return these to Scoutmaster Jeff at his home or make sure you bring them with you to the parking lot when the Troop leaves for Trollhaugen or you will not be able to ride the Ziplines.

More information on Spring Expo 2013 is here.