Tesomas Scout Camp – June 16-22nd

With Scoutmaster Jeff out until the day of leaving for Tesomas Scout Camp I thought I would send this message out.

I was just recently visiting Tesomas Scout Camp on Sunday, June 9th and i wanted to let people know of a couple of things regarding the conditions within the deep woods.

While it’s not *hot* temp wise like last year, due to the rain/moisture, it’s extremely humid in the woods right now. Because of this, the bugs (mainly Nats and Mosquitoes) are absolutely horrible.

Those attending the week long Summer Camp will want to prepare for the humidity (ensure you carry your water bottle everywhere), and bring some long pants (breathable), as Blue Jeans will make you sweat more, to protect you from the bugs, or bring some good bug spray along with you.

Ensure you bring some moisture proof footwear, or a 2nd pair of footwear as there could be mud/puddles up there.

Enjoy the Camp out..