Newly updated Youth Protection training required before October 1st, 2018.

In early February, the BSA introduced newly updated youth protection training that is required for all volunteers before October 1, 2018. Even if they took the previous training prior to the February rollout, it will need to be taken it again.

The updated training, which includes three modules and a test that take a little over an hour to complete, draws on research from experts in the field of child abuse and maltreatment to identify the contributing factors and threats across the spectrum of child abuse, including: bullying, neglect, exposure to violence, physical and emotional abuse, and child sexual abuse. Once completed, volunteers will not have to retake the training for two years.

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If you need a “how to” Guide in how to take YPT, click >here<.

Troop 9460 Scout awarded National Certificate of Merit

For his quick thinking and actions to pull a struggling swimmer to safety, Star Scout Adam Kuhlman of Troop 460 was presented with the National Certificate of Merit on April 1.

Certificate of meritIt was a highlight of the troop’s Court of Honor, with Ed Plante, Eagle River Advancement Chair making the presentation.

The rescue occurred in July of 2012 at a hotel in Madison, Wisconsin. An 11 year-old non-swimmer had jumped into the deep end of the pool and his struggles were noticed by Adam’s grandfather, who called to Adam to assist. Although only 11 at the time, Adam had recently completed his Swimming Merit Badge and knew what to do. Using his Scouting training and experience, Adam swam behind the swimmer, grabbed him by the armpits and pushed/swam him to the safety of ladder.

The National Certificate of Merit is awarded “to a youth member or adult leader who has performed a significant act of service that is deserving of special national recognition.” Only 53 were presented nationwide in 2012.

Congratulations Adam!

Photo Caption: Adam, with his father Jeff  Kuhlman and SPL Mike Medini.