Sturgeon Lake Camp Out, August 10th-11th.

From Scoutmaster Jeff;

We have no Troop Meeting before our next outing, which is Sturgeon Lake Camp Out, on August 10th-11th. Cost is $12.50 and please email Scoutmaster Jeff no later than July 31st if your Scout plans on going and how payment will be made. Adults going to this outing will need a MN fishing license if they plan on fishing.

UPDATE for COH on Sunday, July 21st.

UPDATE for COH on Sunday, July 21st. The COH has been moved to Paperjack Park due to Mary Park Shelters unavailable. So, please go to Paperjack Park on Sunday, July 21st. Still the same time of 4-6:30pm. See everyone there.

Troop Summer COH/Potluck/Birthday Party

Hello Troop 9460!

Just a reminder that on Sunday, July 21st, from 4pm until 6:30pm is our Summer Troop Court of Honor in Mary Park. Invite your families to our once a year Summer Celebration, celebrating our Scouts achievements and awards.  Please bring a dish to share with everyone.

Also, we have a fellow Scout who is turning 16 years old on that day.  Come celebrate his 16th Birthday as well.

See everyone there!


Stay cool and hydrate with Water.

Stay cool and hydrate with Water.  Keep your Water Bottle full as much as possible and keep it with you.  The National Weather Service has issue a heat warning until Friday.

Troop Meeting – Monday, July 8th at 7:00pm

Hello Troop 9460!!

We have a Troop Meeting tonight at the Church at 7:00pm sharp.  Please ensure you are in your Class-A shirt and Troop Neckerchief.

See you there,

Troop Leadership

Trollhaugen Zip Line and Cope Challenge Course Cancelled

The Trollhaugen Zip Line and Cope Challenge Course on July 7th has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Next outing is William O’Brien State Park schedule for July 7th. Scouts please sign up/pay at the July 8th Troop Meeting.

Tesomas Scout Camp – June 16-22nd

With Scoutmaster Jeff out until the day of leaving for Tesomas Scout Camp I thought I would send this message out.

I was just recently visiting Tesomas Scout Camp on Sunday, June 9th and i wanted to let people know of a couple of things regarding the conditions within the deep woods.

While it’s not *hot* temp wise like last year, due to the rain/moisture, it’s extremely humid in the woods right now. Because of this, the bugs (mainly Nats and Mosquitoes) are absolutely horrible.

Those attending the week long Summer Camp will want to prepare for the humidity (ensure you carry your water bottle everywhere), and bring some long pants (breathable), as Blue Jeans will make you sweat more, to protect you from the bugs, or bring some good bug spray along with you.

Ensure you bring some moisture proof footwear, or a 2nd pair of footwear as there could be mud/puddles up there.

Enjoy the Camp out..

Troop Meeting, June 10th, 2013 – 7:00pm

Hello Troop 9460!!

We have a Troop Meeting tonight at the Church at 7:00pm sharp.  Please ensure you are in your Class-A shirt and Troop Neckerchief.

See you there,

Troop Leadership

Troop 9460 Scout awarded National Certificate of Merit

For his quick thinking and actions to pull a struggling swimmer to safety, Star Scout Adam Kuhlman of Troop 460 was presented with the National Certificate of Merit on April 1.

Certificate of meritIt was a highlight of the troop’s Court of Honor, with Ed Plante, Eagle River Advancement Chair making the presentation.

The rescue occurred in July of 2012 at a hotel in Madison, Wisconsin. An 11 year-old non-swimmer had jumped into the deep end of the pool and his struggles were noticed by Adam’s grandfather, who called to Adam to assist. Although only 11 at the time, Adam had recently completed his Swimming Merit Badge and knew what to do. Using his Scouting training and experience, Adam swam behind the swimmer, grabbed him by the armpits and pushed/swam him to the safety of ladder.

The National Certificate of Merit is awarded “to a youth member or adult leader who has performed a significant act of service that is deserving of special national recognition.” Only 53 were presented nationwide in 2012.

Congratulations Adam!

Photo Caption: Adam, with his father Jeff  Kuhlman and SPL Mike Medini.

Court of Honor, Monday, April 1st

Troop Court of Honor tomorrow night, Monday, April 1st. Scoutmaster Jeff requests all Scouts to be in the Church Basement beginning at 6:30pm sharp. Court of Honor begins at 7:00pm. All Scouts, their Families and Friends are welcome.